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My running club doesn’t give refunds.

After finishing my 10k running program in November, I wanted to keep going - so I signed up for the next program: Speed Development. Speed Development isn't about turning you into a champion; it's about helping you to improve from where you started. Sounds easy, right? But then we had the holidays and a burst [...]

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Trying out a longer fast on a ketogenic diet

I've been reading Jason Fung's Complete Guide to Fasting. and it is a compelling read. Fasting is still a bit scary to me. After being schooled for years (decades?) in the need to eat every few hours, and the dangers of 'starving yourself' - I have a hard time accepting that I can go for an extended period [...]

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August update: keto and vacation

I started keto in February and lost weight pretty steadily (almost exactly 1#/week) from February-July. In mid-July, my hours at work doubled, and while I consistently ate keto - I didn't watch my eating or my calories. Then we went to Maine to visit my parents, and with a 14-hr car ride and emotional stress, [...]

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Progress pics – five months of keto

keto progress pictures I've been following a ketogenic diet for about five months now, and I thought I'd share my progress pics. It is very uncomfortable and weird for me to share these - but if it gives even one person hope, that would make me happy. Losing weight as a woman over [...]

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Fasting? Oh hell no! Or maybe…

When I first read about IF (intermittent fasting), I was repelled and horrified. It made me question the very sanity of the #LCHF protocol. We've all had that feeling that you were so hungry, you could eat your own arm. Why would anyone voluntarily choose to suffer like that? It didn't seem safe or healthy. [...]

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on keto: observations after 20# loss

Before I started keto and Maria Emmerich's 30-day Cleanse, I thought I was pretty savvy about cooking and eating. I knew what was healthy and what wasn't, right? Quinoa, anyone? What has absolutely floored me about this WOE is how much I didn't know. There have been SO MANY surprises! I can go 24 hours [...]

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Frustrated. Time for a change?

I'm not going to lie. I'm very frustrated right now. I just graphed my progress, because I wanted to see my progress over time. In the last four weeks, I've incorporated occasional intermittent fasting, a hip hop dance class and the 21-day fix exercise program - while consistently eating only 1-2 meals a day. The result? [...]

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