Beautiful sea-inspired nursery

This was one of the earliest projects completed in my design business, and let me say up front - a decorative painter added the ocean scene! Didn't she do a beautiful job? I was still learning my craft and gaining confidence in my painting, so I handled the rest of the room...Painting the coordinating stripes, [...]

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An indoor playhouse you can build

When I started designing for kids, I knew nothing about woodworking. I had never even picked up a drill. I felt very lucky that my dad was able to teach me (in my 30s!) all the things I needed to know. My dad is a true Renaissance man. He can speak French and Czech, program [...]

Fishy bathroom

The bathroom in our house was really boring when we moved in. Grey walls with a white shower curtain. Since this was one the first times I was getting creating painting a room, I borrowed this fun, cartoon-fish concept from an old Better Homes & Gardens magazine. This bathroom always made us smile.  

Outer Space Room

This little boy was very into OUTER SPACE (as you might have guessed) and it was so much fun to paint. Well, it was fun until I got to the stars.  There were a lot of stars!  I designed the curtain using a gorgeous fabric from Designer's Guild that had gold glitter accents.  I wish [...]

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Fun Kid Bathroom (see the before pic!)

It's fun to see what this bathroom looked like BEFORE the makeover. I think it's an improvement! This family loves dogs and it was a great theme for a bath shared by boys and girls. I designed the coordinating shower curtain.  The rest of the accessories were from Target (purchased on ebay since Target had sold out). [...]

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The house that started it all…

I found this refrigerator box on the sidewalk and knew I wanted to make it into a house (inspired by Maisy the Mouse's house). As I painted it in the basement, our fellow condo owner complained that my painting was making too much noise (yes, the loud sound of a paintbrush swishing across cardboard). Oh, the joys [...]

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Moroccan/Boho Teen Bedroom

We lived in the same town for ten years, and we were very fortunate to end up in a wonderful, family-friendly neighborhood.  All the kids would spend their days outdoors - playing cops & robbers, scooping up moon jellies from the water, swimming.  Unfortunately, the area also had schools on the brink of receivership, inflated [...]

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