My running club doesn’t give refunds.

After finishing my 10k running program in November, I wanted to keep going - so I signed up for the next program: Speed Development. Speed Development isn't about turning you into a champion; it's about helping you to improve from where you started. Sounds easy, right? But then we had the holidays and a burst [...]

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Throwing out everything I know…

As I approach 49, I realize that I'm exhausted thinking about diet and I'm also bored to death talking about it with my poor husband. In the last three years, I've lost 10-25 lbs, twice, completed a round of Beachbody's Insanity, started P90x, dabbed in 21-day fix, completed a round of the Fast Metabolism Diet. [...]

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Fun on Halloween

After many years living in Salem, MA (the unofficial Halloween capital of the world), we've learned to really have fun with Halloween! Here are some of our best ideas...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!   Sorry...still working out the kinks here... Click here for the real Halloween page! 

An indoor playhouse you can build

When I started designing for kids, I knew nothing about woodworking. I had never even picked up a drill. I felt very lucky that my dad was able to teach me (in my 30s!) all the things I needed to know. My dad is a true Renaissance man. He can speak French and Czech, program [...]

Our strangest craigslist purchase

My daughter is past the princess and fairy stage for Halloween and was ready for something different. So this year, she decided to be a headless bride. Every girl's dream! I figured out that we needed some kind of structure for the headless part, so naturally I searched craigslist for "headless mannequin torso". You'd be surprised at [...]

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