on keto: observations after 20# loss

Before I started keto and Maria Emmerich's 30-day Cleanse, I thought I was pretty savvy about cooking and eating. I knew what was healthy and what wasn't, right? Quinoa, anyone? What has absolutely floored me about this WOE is how much I didn't know. There have been SO MANY surprises! I can go 24 hours [...]

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on finding a little financial security

I recently wrote about how my job was being converted to a full-time, federal position (a process that was years in the making!). I decided not to apply, which might have meant that I'd be out of a job in October. The new hire is coming on board to do the job I'm doing now, so [...]

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on turning down financial security

Today my boss let me know that my position was being converted into a full-time, federal position, and the job would be posted shortly. She 'encouraged me to apply'. While she couldn't guarantee that I could get the spot (of course), I have done well in the role and had an excellent chance. From what [...]

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on mother’s day 2015

When I was applying to colleges, I wrote my personal essay on the summer I spent helping my mom on the farm, getting wood for the winter. I described putting the heavy leather harnesses onto the team of horses, and driving them over the field into the woods. We'd hitch up the logs with a heavy [...]

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on cancer, unemployment, and other challenges

If you read the "Start Here" page, you might have gotten the impression that our story was pretty tidy. Boy and girl are unhappy and stressed. Boy gets laid off. Boy gets new job in another state. Boy and girl downsize and find 'happy'. Life doesn't work that way, though, does it? First, we had [...]

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on mothering, career, and being left behind

When my husband first got the job in D.C., I was really angry. For financial and other reasons, the plan was for him to move first, and live with his parents, while I stayed behind, packed up our home of 11+ years, and organized the move. It seemed like a raw deal [...]

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