I started keto in February and lost weight pretty steadily (almost exactly 1#/week) from February-July. In mid-July, my hours at work doubled, and while I consistently ate keto – I didn’t watch my eating or my calories. Then we went to Maine to visit my parents, and with a 14-hr car ride and emotional stress, I fell further off the wagon. Interestingly, I didn’t dive back into carbs as I might have before. While I did have quite a few dishes of ice cream, and about 40,000 calories worth of nuts – I just don’t have the carb cravings that I used to.

Previously, when I’d go on vacation or get busy at work, I’d use that as an excuse to overeat and eat complete junk. Getting back to ‘normal’ eating felt like a punishment. What’s interesting to me now is that I actually prefer the foods I eat at home, and feel better on a strict keto diet. So it was actually a relief to get back home and start eating normally again! I’ve put on about 7# but feel confident that I can lose that (fairly) quickly. This post is to keep me honest about that! I’m following Maria Emmerich’s 30-day cleanse and giving up nuts, chocolate and wine. I’ve already made her delicious breakfast chili, rosti, umami burgers. The food is sooooo good! I’m so excited to start keto, phase 2. I will soon be reaching weights I haven’t seen in twenty years!

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