I’m trying out a new schedule this week, closer to what Jason Fung recommends in The Obesity Code. I’m skipping dinner two nights so I have two longer fasts. This will give my body lots of time for fat-burning. So how is it going? Terrible. Up to this point, the most surprising thing about fasting is how easy it has been. I’ve been going up to 20 hours without even experiencing a hunger pang. I would have a glass of water and the hunger would go away. I have successful fasted up to three days.

Last week – I had my first awful experience. I got cocky, ignored supplementing with electrolytes, worked out, fasted – and by 9pm I felt nauseous and awful. I went to sleep, hoping it would go away, and woke up at 11pm feeling worse. I stumbled to the kitchen, had a couple of macadamia nuts and immediately felt better. WTH was that? I don’t know. From listening to The Obesity Code podcasts, it appears I needed way more salt.

Fast forward to my new fasting schedule, and I pounded the salt all day long. I even made some nasty recommended drink with ACV (apple cider vinegar), cream of tartar (for potassium), salt and lime. It didn’t taste great. I fasted all day, went for a 3 mile run and by 9pm, wasn’t feeling great again. This time, I felt more hungry than nauseous but what surprised me was that the feeling didn’t pass. My energy was low and I thought about quitting. But I decided to go to bed first and see what happened.

Now it’s 5:30am, I slept fine, and while I still feel hungry, I don’t feel terrible. Overall, it hasn’t been a great fasting experience. In the past, fasting was so easy, I breezed through days without issue. These last two experiences have been a struggle. At the same time, I am very excited – because I know that this is the key to blasting my remaining fat. While I am a size four/small in most clothes now, I still have inches of fat around my midsection especially. It isn’t really about reaching a goal weight anymore as much as just BURNING THAT FAT. I know fasting will help with that and I just need to keep at it!

My new schedule:

  • Monday, 6pm: Eat dinner, begin fast
  • Tuesday: Fast
  • Wednesday: Eat between 6am-6pm
  • Thursday: Fast
  • Friday: Eat between 6am-6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: OMAD or whatever

Can’t wait to see where this goes!


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