So excited for this next phase in diet and exercise! A year ago, my goal was to get un-fat. I wanted to find a way of eating that was in alignment with my body, and reach a normal weight for my height. One year and 32 pounds later – I DID THAT! I found keto and now weigh in the low 130s (at 5’4″). Now I can go after goals that were unimaginable a year ago. I want to reach a whole different level of fitness. I want to be lean, strong and athletic. We are going to Mexico in June (148 days, but who’s counting?!). On that trip, I want to wear a bathing suit without thought or hesitation – and have the energy to swim, snorkel, waterski, learn how to salsa, try out the circus trapeze and be positive and happy in my body. What an exciting goal!

I’m going to achieve that by:

  • mediating daily;
  • eliminating most dairy from my diet (just heavy cream in my coffee);
  • staying away from nuts and wine;
  • using recipes from Maria Emmerich’s 30-day Cleanse;
  • eating when hungry;
  • incorporating one ‘longer’ or extended fast once a week;
  • completing the Speed Development running program (beginner level!);
  • PLANNING ahead: cooking meals on the weekend, working out with my husband who is going to cook on what night;
  • completing Kayla Itsines’ BBG with my daughter (we are already on week 3!).

This process of manifesting is very similar to what I experienced with my job search. When I started looking for a job, I listed things that I wanted to manifest: an opportunity to do creative work, a flexible job where I could set my own hours, great colleagues, etc. I wouldn’t say it was limited; it was just what I could imagine asking for at the time. I got all of that and more! So more recently, I was ready to expand on what I wanted professionally, so I made a new list. I want to share my work outwards, become part of a larger conversation in my field and do even more creative work that challenges me. I’m so excited to share that it is happening – I’m presenting at the largest conference in my field, and working on projects that are so exciting, I can’t wait to start work in the morning! This would have been unimaginable when I launched my job search. It would have felt unattainable. Similarly, having a fit, badass, strong powerful body was not something I was ready to imagine last year. But today, a year into my journey – I’m ready. Bring it on!

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