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I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for about five months now, and I thought I’d share my progress pics. It is very uncomfortable and weird for me to share these – but if it gives even one person hope, that would make me happy. Losing weight as a woman over 40 is a bitch, but the ketogenic diet has given me a new perspective. In 24 weeks, I’ve lost 24#, and now I’m about 3 lbs away from a ‘normal’ weight for my height. My original GW was 139, but losing weight has been so easy, I’ve set a new GW of 129 (ok, I wanted to type 126, but that seems too crazy to even think about!). One step at a time…

Starting weight: 165

Current weight: 142

Goal weight: 129

Waist: 35″/29″

Hips: 43″/39″

Thighs: 23.5″/21″

Clothing size: 10/6

And I’m still going! Woohoo!!

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