I’ve been in a real funk this month. On Dec. 31, I had dental surgery (specifically, dental implants). The procedure itself was pretty awful – five shots into my gums, lots of drilling , followed by a liquid diet for five days. But I was so happy to have it done at last. The surgery has a 95% success rate.

A few days after the surgery, my mouth still hurts, a lot. It turns out that I have an infection and my body is rejecting the implant. I’ve been on a steady diet of Advil for most of January and suffering from near constant mouth pain. I had to stop exercising. I feel awful. At work, my office mate’s contract ended, and she has been crying in our office almost every day – despondent that there was no long-term job for her. Meanwhile, a lot of staff changes are taking place and my boss is really busy. I’m feeling very insecure and shaky, and I keep thinking about October, when my contract runs out. What if I don’t have a job in October? Is my boss really busy or just unhappy with my work? I feel nervous and scared. This sucks


Photo credit: Evaldu Liutkus 

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