gym at nightI did it! Saturday night, I didn’t get much sleep, and then today, my daughter had all-day volunteer training at my work, so I drove her in and worked a full day. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I cooked dinner and was ready to veg out on the couch and go to bed early. But then, as I wasted time surfing the internet, I came across Tony Horton’s fan page and a few scrolls later, I was getting dressed for the gym. It reminded me that getting in the best shape of my life was going to take a lot of discipline and effort. Going to the gym was hard, sitting on the couch was easy. I went to the gym, and did the P90x Shoulders & Arms workout, followed by Ab Ripper X. 77 minutes of hard work and it felt amazing!! So proud of myself for bringing it.

On another note, dinner was delicious and so easy, thanks to Trader Joe’s! Make some pasta. After it cooks, put some oil from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes into the warm pan. Swirl in a bunch of the sun-dried tomatoes and a drained can of grilled artichokes. Add the pasta back in, and throw in a bunch of spinach, chopped basil and some feta cheese. A delicious vegetarian pasta that came together in less than 15 minutes! Awesome!

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