Before I started keto and Maria Emmerich’s 30-day Cleanse, I thought I was pretty savvy about cooking and eating. I knew what was healthy and what wasn’t, right? Quinoa, anyone? What has absolutely floored me about this WOE is how much I didn’t know. There have been SO MANY surprises!

  • I can go 24 hours without eating and not get hungry. Not every day, but some days. That’s just mind-blowing. Before keto, I couldn’t go two hours without getting hungry. And by four hours – watch out – because I’d be hangry. Very, very hangry.
  • Pudding made with eggs (and refrigerated) tastes like chocolate mousse.
  • My insatiable cravings for carbs are gone. How did that happen (and why didn’t I know that was possible 20 years ago?!)?. Unbelievable.
  • My sugar cravings are gone. Last year, on my birthday, I had a selection of croissants, muffins and scones. This year, my DH made me the Snickerdoodle waffles, and even though they were delicious – I found myself thinking about a juicy rib eye. So I got one for dinner, and passed on lava cakes.
  • I have an intolerance for dairy, even though I never had any outward signs of that. The scale goes right up.
  • It’s ok to eat deep-fried foods. I can even lose weight and eat deep-fried foods! I bought a deep fryer! What?!
  • The visceral fat around my waist is dropping away. Always the hardest weight to lose, now it feels easy.
  • I have consistent energy throughout the day. I didn’t even know I was lacking energy! But now I get so much more done, especially after work when I would usually be dragging. My DH used to be asleep on the couch in the early evening. Now he helps with dishes .
  • I like to eat bone marrow. I had never even tasted bone marrow before the Cleanse!
  • I like to eat pork belly (ummm, a lot). I never even saw it at Trader Joes. Now it’s a staple.
  • My DH, already at a normal weight, is actually getting leaner. It’s sexy. We’ve been married 21 years. This is his lowest weight. Ever.
  • My DH and I are nicer people. Because this WOE eliminates so many of the ups and downs, in hunger and energy, we’re just more even-tempered.
  • My 9 yr old is (on her own) making better choices, choosing keto snacks and turning down pizza and bread. She is noticing how heavy carbs make her feel.
  • I can do a hard workout and I don’t need to eat before or after! The same workout (pre-keto) would have me running for the blender for a huge protein smoothie.
  • I can lose weight and love what I’m eating. Losing weight and enjoying food have never gone together before!

Wow – sorry, that got long! But it’s all true and after my 20# loss, I felt like celebrating all these wonderful changes, darn it. I am so, so grateful for finding the keto lifestyle and Maria and Craig. Pretty soon, I’ll be posting before and after pics at my GOAL WEIGHT! Stay tuned!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!

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