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This blog is about creative and mindful living – and the story of our family’s journey to finding ‘happy’. A few years ago, we were a typical suburban family. One house, two cars, three kids. Both my husband and I worked full-time and paid people to watch our kids. We were under terrible stress, fighting every weekend. In a relatively short period of time – we had to cope with job loss, cancer, near-divorce, and relocation to a new state.

Over the same period, I started learning about mindfulness, positivity, and meditation. Slowly, I began making changes and I noticed that I was becoming happier. Our circumstances hadn’t changed, but my outlook had. My husband tried the same techniques, and found he became happier, too. So we began a deliberate process of reinventing our lives, which continues today. The quality of our family life has improved dramatically. We laugh more and fight less. Bad things still happen to us, but the way we handle them is radically different, and life feels better. This way of life has changed my career and my health in ways I could never have anticipated.

This blog is my way of sharing what we’re learning along the way. I also include creative ideas, adventures and design projects that make our lives beautiful and fun. I’ve put creativity in the middle of all the work that I do, and I am excited to share what I’ve learned. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you so much for visiting!

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